Using my iPad as my main computer

Traveling with the iPad as my main computer.

I decided to give my ipad and a keyboard a test drive for a weekend before using it full time for 2 1/2 weeks whole in Europe. The goal being to stay lightweight and not carry around the 15′ MacBook Pro through airport, train, and bus stations. I brought along my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard to conduct my tests.

Here were the initial pros and cons;

Pros –

1. The iPad forces you to monotask. This is huge. You do one thing and one thing only.
2. Lightweight, keyboard has tight integration with certain products. Works well with Skype and of course Apple products.

Cons –

1. Skype still requires a lot of touching. My team primarily uses Skype so this is a little bit of a challenge, but it’s a straight first world problem. [EDIT] It appears that this problem was fixed after my initial testing.
2.  Jumping back and forth between the bluetooth keyboard. It can be a little hard moving between a Bluetooth keyboard and the touch screen. This is remedied by using the built in keyboard instead.

I’m on Wifi, not 3G and i’m traveling internationally so it means that I’ve got to find wifi to have any hope of staying in touch with my team at all, but the no data thing has actually turned out to be a boon, however, as it’s forced me to do things like just read and relax that because I’m normally so connected I forget to do. Which admittedly, is my fault.

These were my initial impressions using an iPad as my main computer for a few days. I’ll post the results of a few weeks using only the iPad tomorrow.

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