My Remote Work Tools

I saw a post by the Active Explorer¬†about remote office tools that help set her free and I thought I’d do the same, that is list the tools that help allow me to do my job nearly anywhere.

15′ MacBook Pro – This is my old standby. I’ve got it loaded up with 16gb of RAM to make sure that my VM’s can run with what they need. Specifically the VM that gets the most use is my Windows 7 instance with Visual Studio running. However, if need be I can make do with just an iPad and bluetooth keyboard.

Internet – This is almost a no-brainer, but I can tell you depending on what I’ve got on my plate it can be a disadvantage as well.

Tunnelblick – For various reasons I need access to our company VPN. It’s also handy when traveling and dealing with random internet restrictions.

DropBox – I use DropBox to help keep everyone on my team synced up and it works pretty darn well. I think everyone can attest to this.

Evernote or Apple’s Notes – I use both of these back and forth pretty regularly. I use Evernote for To-Do lists and random thoughts and I use Apple’s Notes for writing blog posts.

Thanks to the Active Explorer again for the inspiration. Here’s the original article as well “Remote Office Tools that Set Me Free“.

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