Building Better Select Boxes

Last week I found myself looking for a select box that provided a search option. I was trying to find a way to make it easy for a user to find and select an item quickly and autofill/autosuggest was out as an option because of other issues. Sometimes as a UX Designer building wireframes it […]

Thoughts on How to Learn JavaScript properly.

I’ve tried following JavaScript tutorials before, but I usually found them too focused on lectures or too heavy on practical exercises with little information on the why’s and how’s. I could never seem to find a good balance in any tutorial I worked with. But about a month and a half ago I stumbled onto […]

Learning to Code and Learning an Instrument

When I was little I learned how to play the piano. I had reading music, proper hand positioning, and playing Minuets drilled into my little skull. My piano teacher was a former funeral home director and a jazz musician. He had all the seriousness of a man who dealt with the bereaved, but the musical […]

Starting with HTML

I wrote this blog post last June after spending some serious time studying and teaching myself HTML.  Hopefully this information will help someone out on their journey to learn frontend development! The hardest part of learning how to code is getting started. The second hardest part? Knowing where to start. I decided to begin by jumping into […]

Updating Ruby on OSX Mountain Lion

This past weekend I tried to pick up where I left off with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. I had last worked on the tutorial at the end of May. When I tried to pick up where I left off I found that none of my routes would work. Literally I couldn’t […]

Programming is Addicting.

I was at a friends party recently when I started talking to another party-goer, a friend of a friend. We started chatting and things got strange when I told him I worked with computers. “Your brain is just wired differently than mine” he explained “I just don’t think like that”. He then added “I like […]

Resources for Learning How to Code

It’s difficult to know all your options for learning how to code i.e. online classes. Here are the online classes/resources for learning how to code that I have found. 1. Udemy 2. Codecademy 3. CodeSchool 4. Learnable 5. Codelesson 6. Edufire 7. NetTuts+ 8. Khan Academy 10. MIT Open Courseware 11.Google Code University 12. Mozilla School of Webcraft 13. Berkeley Webcast 14. W3C Schools 15. Udacity 16. […]

Learn How to Code

When I first set off to “Learn How to Code” I had no idea where to begin. I had an inkling that I wanted to learn more about programming, but I had no idea what that meant or where to even start. Getting started coding isn’t as easy as deciding you want to go for […]