Believe in yourself

I have a very simple New Year’s resolution. Believe in myself.  Since I started writing here I found that I am my own biggest critic. It means that I have dozens of articles ready to go that I’ve never published. When I get ready to publish I say no, it’s not good enough and I […]

Which Direction is Home?

I started this blog with the intention of using it to post about life, adventure, productivity, and personal development. After having some great people reach out to me namely; David Crandall (Heroic and Srini Rao ( it got me really thinking about branding and identity. To that end I have decided to split my […]

The First 30 Days

It’s been exactly 30 days since I started this blog and first published. In that short amount of time I’ve been amazed at the support I’ve received and wanted to share what I’ve learned about blogging so far. My hope is that someone just starting off can use this as a roadmap and realize that […]