Starting with HTML

I wrote this blog post last June after spending some serious time studying and teaching myself HTML.  Hopefully this information will help someone out on their journey to learn frontend development!

The hardest part of learning how to code is getting started. The second hardest part? Knowing where to start. I decided to begin by jumping into HTML which has a ton of free resources available on the web. Why HTML? Since it’s not really a programming language I thought I could begin to make myself comfortable looking at code and understanding basic web development. I found the following websites to help me beging to understand HTML.

1.W3 Schools HTML Tutorial. Nothing to download, no text editor needed just dive in and start playing around. This was my first real taste of learning HTML.

2. nettuts+ web development from scratch. This begins to get a little deeper into the world of web development. Helping you pick out a text editor.

3. Udemy – Learn HTML in 24 hours. I don’t know why, but this is where it finally clicked. Something about the presentation or the videos finally had me understanding basic HTML.

I recommend taking a look at the three courses above and try to start wrapping your brain around looking at code. I think it’s easy for people who already know how to code to offer what they think is sage advice on how or where to start. For someone who doesn’t know how to code all of it seems like some strange magical process. I imagine a gigantic monitor somewhere with a green cursor blinking waiting for a command. Developers are like sorcerers in my book.