Believe in yourself

I have a very simple New Year’s resolution.

Believe in myself. 

Since I started writing here I found that I am my own biggest critic. It means that I have dozens of articles ready to go that I’ve never published. When I get ready to publish I say no, it’s not good enough and I tweak it until I convince myself it’s total garbage. The problem is that I don’t believe in myself and as such I am my own worst enemy.

So why can’t I hit publish?

I’m worried about what you, the reader, will think of what I’ve written. I’m scared you’ll think it’s crap or even worse think that I’m crap. I think this is the biggest problem with creating. When you’re putting yourself out there, your opinions, your words, your writing, it’s easy to take criticisms as personal.

It’s almost comical at times that I can’t hit publish on my own blog considering I’m a Project Manager who’s obsessed with shipping early/often. I can rectify this by knowing that I have a team that I work with and I stand by my product decisions, but it’s funny that I can’t stand by my own writing decisions. When I write for work it’s easy for me because I have a deadline and I feel like an expert in the subject matter.

So how will I hit publish in the future?

Pretty simple. When I’m done with writing I’m just going to hit the button and let it go. I’m not going to obsess over finding the perfect picture, a bitly link, et cetera. But moreover, it’s important to me that believing in myself extends beyond hitting publish on a blog and allows me to take the next step whatever may come.

So why the hesitation?

There’s none. I’m hitting publish. Will you do the same this year?

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